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2017 Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships

In 2017, 13 applications for Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships were selected for funding from a large number of meritorious submissions.  Funding for these fellowships is graciously supplied by the NIH Office of AIDS Research.




PI IC Project Title

Carly Elizabeth Starke

Jason Brenchley NIAID Signatures of Protective SIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells
Maryam Mukhamedova John Mascola and Daniel Duoek NIAID Unbiased Evaluation Approach of Antibody Repertoire Using Heavy and Light Chain Linkage Reaction
Jonathan Rawson Wei-Shao Hu NCI Understanding the Pseudodiploid Nature of HIV-1
Robert Steel Christine Grady CC "Turning Something Bad into Something Good": Participant Values and HIV Cure Research
Luca Schifanella Genoveffa Franchini NCI Functional Role of Anti-V2 Antibodies in HIV-Infected Non-Progressor Individuals
Jason Yolitz James Arthos NIAID Characterizing Transmission-Associated Features of the HIV Envelope Protein
Brian Mahon Philip Anfinrud NIDDK Towards Molecular Movies of HIV-1 Protease Catalysis: A Biophysical Approach to Treat HIV/AIDS
Victoria WalkerSperling Mary Carrington NCI Influence of tapasin gene variation on HLA function and its effect on disease pathogenesis
Mariia Novikova Eric Freed NCI Characterization of antiretroviral activity of second generation maturation inhibitors and mechanisms of resistance
Jiadong Sun Carole Bewley NIDDK Lectin-Antibody Chimera Targeting HIV
Rachel Van Duyne Eric Freed NCI Challenging the paradigm for antiretroviral resistance through the study of non-canonical HIV-1 escape mutants
Rodrigo Matus Nicodemos Richard Koup and Daniel Duoek NIAID Identification of the earliest modulation of HIV-infected cells by the viral protein Nef
Eric Refsland Tae-Wook Chen NIAID Trivalent Anti-HIV Proteins Targeting the Viral Reservoir 

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