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From the Human Genome Project to Precision Medicine: My Journey to Advance Human Health


A Vision for the Future of Genomics Research (2003) Collins, FS; Green, ED; Guttmacher, AE; and Guyer, MS, Nature, 422: 835-847, a blueprint for how to move forward once the human genome was completely sequenced.

Charting the Course for Genomic Medicine from Base Pairs to Bedside (2011) Green, D; Guyer, MS; and the NHGRI Nature, 470: 204-213, describes the path towards genomic medicine.

Genomics: Genomes in Three Dimensions (2011) Baker, M. Nature, 470: 289-294. How are the chromosomes packed into the nucleus?

Reading the Second Genomic Code (2012) Marx, V. Nature, 491: 143-147. There's more information in DNA than just the sequence of the 4 bases: epigenetics and chromatin structure.

The Dark Side of the Human Genome (2016) Chi, KR, Nature, 538: 275-277, what about all the conserved regions of the genome that do not code for proteins?

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