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The Compiled - Graduate Students

August 25, 2015

Faes Graduate school at nih spotlight

The FAES Graduate School at NIH is offering a wide variety of courses in public health this Fall Semester. Courses marked "CORE" are required for the Advanced Studies in Public Health.

IMMU325 - The Human Microbiome: New Concepts in Health and Disease (7 weeks)
PBHL517 - Health Policy and Management, CORE
PBHL 518 - NEW - Introduction to Program Evaluation for Planning, Improvement and Measurement
PBHL521 - Cancer Screening (8 weeks)
PBHL607 - Capstone Project in Public Health, CORE
STAT317 - Introduction to Epidemiology, CORE
STAT500 - Statistics for Biomedical Scientists I, CORE
STAT321 - Methodology in Clinical Trials
STAT 500 II ONLINE - Statistics for Biomedical Scientists II, CORE
TECH525 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Health and Biomedical Sciences
$150 per credit, or $150-$450 per course (courses are 1-3 credits).

Online registration deadline is September 5. Browse more than 70 Fall 2015 courses in biomedical sciences, English and other languages, MCAT, GRE prep, and more at External Link

Logic & MEthods in modern biology

"Logic & Methods in Modern Biology", is aimed at developing critical skills in reading the literature, in designing research proposals, and in oral presentations. It will meet from 7-9pm on Mondays, starting on September 14, for the fall semester. Each class features student-led discussion of papers from the literature or student research proposals. It's a great way to develop the critical thinking and speaking skills you will need in the future (including qualifying exams!).

The course is required for the second year students in the NIH-Hopkins program, but we have space for a few additional students, who should have completed the equivalent of the first-year graduate course curriculum in cellular, developmental, and molecular biology at Hopkins. Those courses are: Genomes and Development; Advanced Molecular Biology; Biophysical Chemistry; Advanced Cell Biology, and are described in more detail at External Link

If you want more information about the course, please contact Michael Lichten ( and I will send you last year's syllabus. If you are interested in taking the course, we will meet with you to determine if you are qualified. The course is free, and, since it is a credit course in the Hopkins CMDB Graduate program, it may be possible for you to get academic credit--all we ask is that students commit to attending and enthusiastically participating in all classes.


How to survive your phd

We discussed at the retreat about how we deal with stressful situations can makea huge impact on our health, happiness and succcess.  As a follow up, we wanted to let you know about a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called How to Survive Your PhD.  This is a ten week, one hour a week course that will:

  • Understand the common emotional experiences of research students and why they tend to have emotional issues in common.
  • Discuss and create strategies and approaches to help research students cope with the emotional challenges of research study.
  • Help academics and prospective academics become more effective research supervisors.

For more information visit! External Link