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The Compiled - Graduate Students

July 28, 2015

Faes Graduate school fall registration now open!

Online registration for FAES Graduate School at NIH courses for Fall 2015 is now open! Registration deadline is September 7. Courses are credit-bearing and are conveniently held in the evenings on the NIH campuses to fit around the working schedule of trainees.

Take the opportunity to broaden your knowledge or strengthen current skills by enrolling in our affordable and convenient classes. Ask your supervisor how you might be sponsored to take an FAES course.

Browse more than 70 courses in biomedical sciences, English and other languages, MCAT and GRE prep, and more at External Link

BIOF 412 Advanced Perl
BIOF 535 Fundamentals for Precision Medicine: Medical Population Genetics and Genomics (5 weeks)
BIOL 355 Principles of Biology of Bone and Other Connective Tissues
BIOL 425 RNA Interference and Applications (7 weeks)
BIOL 450 Stem Cells
FRCH 101 French for Beginners I
GENL 319-PSY Concepts in Psychology for MCAT Preparation (7 weeks)
GENL 350 Introduction to Psychology and Biopsychology
MEDI 502 Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Complex Systems Approach to Health Management, Disease Management and Disease Prevention
PHYS 225 Survey of Biomedical Physics

Lasker Lessons in Leadership- The Arty of Publishing

The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation in conjunction with the NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program and the International Biomedical Research Alliance have recently developed a new speaker series entitled "Lasker Lessons in Leadership". The series will include three events per year focusing on different aspects of career development and leadership opportunities from the perspective of both senior and junior level scientists and biomedical leaders.

The theme for the upcoming event on August 4th will be "The Art of Publishing" and Dr. Dan Littman from the New York University Langone Medical Center will be the opening speaker, presenting the key elements of successful leadership that have guided his career and the publishing choices he has made along the way. Following his presentation, there will be an informal mentoring panel discussion. Panel guests include Dr. Beverly Purnell, Senior Editor, SCIENCE, Dr. Alan Sher, Senior Editor for The Journal of Experimental Medicine and member of the Nature Reviews in Immunology editorial board, and Dr. Enrique Schisterman, Founding Editorial Board for the American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology, Section Editor for Current Epidemiology Reports: Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology, Senior Editorial Board Member for the International Journal of Molecular Epidemiology and Genetics, Associate Editor for the American Journal of Epidemiology. Panel guests will build on Dr. Littman's presentation by sharing their experiences and offering guidance on the different aspects of publishing: from authoring primary papers, book chapters, and reviews to advice on selecting journals for publications.

The OxCam scholars would like to open this lecture to all NIH graduate students.  Please RSVP here External Link 

Summer Lecture series - Dr. Hannah Valantine

When: July 29th, Noon

Where: Building 10, Lipsett Auditorium

Title: Individualizing Transplant Care with Genomic Tools

Summary: Dr. Valantine will tell the story of her cardiology research career, highlighting discoveries along the way that have advanced care in the field of organ transplantation. In addition to presenting her novel genomic approaches to transplantation, she will also describe why diversity and inclusion are important in science and medicine.

2015 AAAS Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy - November 16-20

AAAS is pleased to announce its 2015 Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy, scheduled for November 16-20. The seminar, a condensed version of the widely-hailed orientation program for AAAS S&T Policy Fellows, includes a wide range of sessions taught by leading personalities in science and technology policy. Subjects including federal budgeting for R&D, how scientists can be effective in interacting with Congress, and many other topics. The seminar is designed for anyone who needs or wants to know how S&T policy is made -- scientists and engineers, managers and administrators in all sectors, association officials, government agency program managers, embassy science diplomats, and others.

To be held at AAAS headquarters in downtown Washington, DC, the Seminar will run from 10 a.m. on Monday, November 16, to noon on Friday the 20th. The registration deadline is October 9. Since participation is limited to approximately 30-35 people, spaces will fill up quickly.

Please visit the Leadership Seminar website External Link to view the preliminary program and register.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s German Chancellor Fellowship Programme

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's German Chancellor Fellowship Programme is targeted at university graduates from the United States, the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, Brazil and India who have an international outlook and initial leadership experience. It addresses prospective decision- makers, multipliers and thought leaders from a broad range of professional fields such as politics, public administration and business as well as society and culture. The fellowships give them the opportunity to spend a year in Germany networking with other prospective leaders from abroad, who are also sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation, and to explore new solution s to the global issues of our times. With this programme Germany once again presents itself as a destination of choice for intercultural dialogue and as a meeting place for the international leaders of tomorrow.

Please have a look at External Link for further information