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GPP Open House: Information Session

Organizer/Speaker: Philip Wang, Director, Graduate Partnerships Program

About this event

Are you interested in getting a PhD while staying here at the NIH to do your dissertation research? The NIH Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) is a collaborative PhD program that allows graduate students to perform dissertation research at the NIH while completing coursework and receiving their degrees from a US or international university. The NIH GPP Open House will allow you to learn about graduate opportunities at NIH. Partnership Directors and representatives from the various Institutional GPP programs listed below will be in attendance to answer all of your questions. Applications for Fall 2024 admission are currently open for most Institutional programs. This event is not only a great way to gather information about the programs, but for the programs to get to know you before you even apply!


  • Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute
  • NIH-Brown University GPP (Neuroscience)
  • NIH-Georgetown University GPP (Programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Immunology, Physiology and Pharmacology, Tumor Biology, and Neuroscience)
  • NIH-Johns Hopkins University GPP (Cell, Molecular, Developmental Biology, and Biophysics)
  • NIH-Karolinska Institutet GPP (Neuroscience)
  • NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program
  • NIH-University of Pennsylvania Advanced Scholar in Immunology Graduate Program
  • University College London – National Institutes of Mental Health GPP (Neuroscience)
  • Individual Agreements and General GPP Questions

Attend this event


Sep 26, 2023


1pm - 3pm


Building 31/6C, Room A & B

Intended Audience


How to attend

This event is held in-person on the Bethesda Campus.

Accommodations and additional information

American Sign Language interpreting services, CART services, and other reasonable accommodations are available upon request. Individuals who need interpreting services and/or other reasonable accommodations to participate in this event should contact OITE at or the NIH Interpreting Office directly at Requests should be made at least five business days in advance, when possible, in order to ensure interpreter availability.