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FELCOM event: Careers in Clinical Research and Diagnostic Labs

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration

Sep 27, 2013

Speaker(s): Dr. Steven Steinberg (John Hopkins), Dr. Erin Strovel (Univ. of Maryland), Dr. Suzanne Hart (NHGRI/NIH), Dr. Dany Pineda (GeneDx), Dr. Peter Chou (Quest Diagnostics)
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Are you hoping to be a part of something extraordinary? Are you creative, passionate, entrepreneurial and willing to transfer your basic wet-lab knowledge to directly help patients? For-profit and non-profit clinical laboratories are established in response to the community’s need for a local, high quality clinical diagnosis, and you can be an active part of it! Professionals at these laboratories use sensitive and specific chemical and molecular diagnostic techniques to detect and identify biomarkers at the most basic level; common applications include medical diagnoses, establishing prognosis, monitoring the course of disease, and selecting optimal therapies. Molecular methods are also used for both forensic and non-forensic identification. This panel will share their perspectives about their daily responsibilities at their current positions, what types of positions exist, and what fellows can do to transition into the field. This event is sponsored by the FELCOM Career Development Committee.