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Keeping a Lab Notebook

Workshop/Seminar: Science Skills

Jun 24, 2010

Speaker(s): Dr. Garland Crawford, NIAMS
This event is recommended for: Summer Interns; Postbacs.

The laboratory notebook is a critical document of the methods of and data from the experiments you perform.  Maintaining a clear, concise record of the work you do in the lab this summer is essential because it is this information that will help you plan and trouble shoot your experiments, that could be used to generate figures for a manuscript, and that may be a starting point for a colleague's project after you leave.  Being so important, how do you know what information you should record?  How do you organize your data so that it can easily be found?  How often should you write up and review your data?  This workshop will address these questions and more to help you generate a complete and thorough notebook and get as much out of the process as you can.