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FelCom Event: Careers in Medical/Science Writing and Editing

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration

Feb 13, 2018

Speaker(s): Monika Deshpande, PhD, Science Editor at The Journal of Clinical Investigation Lesley Earl, Ph.D, Scientific Communications Editor, Laboratory of Cell Biology, Biophysics Section, NIH/NCI/CCR Chris Palmer, Ph.D, Science Communications Editor at National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Monica Chiaramonte, Ph.D., Lead Medical Writer at MedImmune
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Science writing and editing for companies, large journals or the federal government are several different ways of being away from the bench, but close to science. If you have considered a career in writing/editing, or want to learn more, our award-winning panelists will be at the NIH to talk about how they transitioned to their writing/editing job and answer questions. Each panelist has had a unique career path, and will offer different perspectives on writing/editing careers, as well as the pros and cons of their current positions. Please join us!

This event will also be available as a webinar, please register here:

This event is sponsored by the FelCom Career Development Committee.