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Felcom: Careers in Science Policy

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration

Oct 16, 2018

Speaker(s): Sarah Rhodes, PhD : Health Science Analyst, Office of the Director, NIH Joe Laakso, PhD : Director of Science Policy, The Endocrine Society Alicia Perez-Porro, PhD : Research associate at the National Museum of Natural History and chair of the commission for women at the organization ECUSA (Spanish Scientists in USA) Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD : AAAS S&T Policy Fellow, National Library of Medicine, NIH
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Does directing discussion on important science, technology, and national security issues facing our society interest you?  If so, then this is the panel to attend!  Science policy touches every facet of our scientific community:  public and private research funding, academia, and even foreign policy.  This panel will explore science policy careers at both government and non-government institutions. With speakers from a variety of backgrounds, attendees will learn about the diverse opportunities within this field as well as the entry requirements for available careers. This event is sponsored by FELCOM's Career Development Subcommittee.