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Preparing for the MCAT Part I: Test-Taking Strategies and Test Day Preparation

Workshop/Seminar: Personal Development; Professional (Medical/Dental) School

Oct 17, 2019

Speaker(s): Julia Jarvis, Wellness Advisor. Kristen Zukosky, PhD, Director, HiSTEP, College and Curriculum Advisor, OITE
This event is recommended for: Postbacs.

Succeeding on standardized tests often depends on more than knowing the material. Test takers must be able to remain calm and carefully consider different approaches to the test, including using strategies for managing emotions and physiology to maximize test performance. This workshop will provide different test-taking strategies (Part I), how to learn them, and how to know when you should use them. Additionally, we will discuss specifics of test-day preparation and tips and advice about how to best prepare in the days prior to the test.


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