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Postbac Seminar Series: PEP Talks 2019

Series: Science Skills; Speaking

Nov 05, 2019

This event is recommended for: Postbacs.

Postbac Seminar Series will present PEP Talks (Postbac Elevator Pitches). Come here fellow postbacs present the broad impact of their research and its exciting applications in three minutes or less!

For more information, please contact current postbac seminar series co-chairs. 


PEP Talks 2019 Presenters:


Ben Gersten, NIDCD, Ototoxicity Profiles of Platinum-Based Chemotherapeutic Agents

Risako Kimura, NIA, NAD+ Supplementation Prevents the Progression of Age-related Hearing Loss in Mice

Erin Kelly, NIAID, Biomarker Discovery for the Development of Patient-Specific Therapeutics in Multiple Sclerosis

Amelia Hurley-Novatny, NIAMS, Secreted Factors from Melorheostosis Fibroblasts Regulate the Phenotype of Healthy Vascular Cells

Joy Jiang, NCI, Trends in Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the US Medicare Population

Shahin Shahsavari, CC, RyLAN: an Open-Source Python Library for Detection of Known and Novel Blood Group Variants

Brooke Mounsey, OD/CC, Assessing the Utility of Internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia among Individuals with an Alcohol Use Disorder

Shannon Exley, NIMH, Concurrent fMRI-guided rTMS and Cognitive Therapy for the Treatment of Major Depressive Episodes