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Discussion for Building Resilience - Navigating NIH as an International Trainee

Discussion Group/Brown Bag: Personal Development; Wellness

Oct 04, 2019

Speaker(s): Annie Scheiner, LCMFT, OITE Wellness Advisor
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

International and multicultural trainees are a great asset to our research.  We also realize that our international fellows face a unique set of issues and stresses.  Being far from family and home, lacking a local community, and learning a new culture can be difficult and lonely.  Navigating the visa process can be frustrating and worrisome.  And watching world events unfold and not knowing what the future will hold can be scary.  You are not alone in dealing with these issues, other NIH international fellows are having the same experiences. 

Please join us on Friday, October 4 at 11:30am for a discussion with OITE Wellness Advisor, Annie Scheiner.  The discussion group provides a welcoming and confidential space to explore positive and proactive methods to build resilience, mentoring and self-care skills.  Even if you can’t join us for the entire hour, we encourage you to still attend.  We would rather you come late or leave early, than not come at all.