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Postbac Discussion Group - Transitions, New Place, New Job, Lots of Stress

Discussion Group/Brown Bag: Personal Development; Wellness

Oct 22, 2019

Speaker(s): Annie Scheiner, LCMFT, OITE Wellness Advisor
This event is recommended for: Postbacs.

Fall is here and has brought both transitions and change.  Building resiliency is key to coping successfully with stress.  We will explore ways to differentiate types of stress, leverage positive stress, and methods to cope with negative stress.  Stress can be either negative or positive.  Being far from family and home, finding a local community, and developing your problem solving, assertiveness, and self-care skills while learning how to navigate in your new environment can be difficult, lonely, and can result in negative stress.  Whereas a new job and new experiences can create positive stress that can fuel motivation, sharpen your focus, bring a feeling of excitement.  Leveraging positive stressors can increase motivation, successfully navigate transitions, or complete a difficult task. You aren't alone.  A common element of navigating the challenges of life at NIH is finding community, using resources, and developing your problem solving, assertiveness, stress management, and self-care skills. 

The discussion group provides a confidential and welcoming environment to explore postive and proactive methods to build resilience and self-care skills with other postbacs having similar experiences.  Please join OITE Wellness Advisor, Annie Scheiner on Tuesday, October 22 at 4:15pm.