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Discussion for Building Resilience - Processing Grief

Discussion Group/Brown Bag: Personal Development; Wellness

Nov 01, 2019

Speaker(s): Annie Scheiner, LCMFT, OITE Wellness Advisor
This event is recommended for: Postbacs; Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

We experience grief when we lose something or someone we care about.  Sometimes life throws us unexpected changes that derail our plans.  Maybe your career path is not working out like you had planned.  Maybe you didn't get an interview with your dream school. Grief is a natural emotional response when we experience a significant life change or loss.   Even a positive life event can cause grief - - you may be happy about moving on to an exciting new opportunity, but also grieving about leaving NIH.  The process of grieving is uniquely individual and may include feelings such as shock, anger, sadness, depression, and even guilt.  Sometimes these feelings conflict - - you may be sad and angry at the same time.    Each person experiences grief in a unique way and on their own timeline.  Let's talk about processing grief and moving forward. This session is open to trainees at all levels (postbac, grad, and postdoc).

Please join us on Friday, November 1st at 10:15am for a discussion with OITE Wellness Advisor, Annie Scheiner in Building 2/Room 2W15.  The discussion group provides a welcoming and confidential space to explore positive and proactive ways to build resilience and self-care skills. Even if you can't join us for the entire hour, we encourage you to still attend.  We would rather you come late or leave early, than not come at all.