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Discussion for Building Resilience - Navigating life & NIH while dealing with emotional or psychological challenges

Discussion Group/Brown Bag: Personal Development; Wellness

Dec 06, 2019

Speaker(s): Annie Scheiner, LCMFT, OITE Wellness Advisor
This event is recommended for: Postbacs; Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Juggling all of our work, career and life responsibilities is challenging even when things are mostly going well. Then we hit a bump, in one area or another, and we lose focus and our sense of calm. Navigating challenges can be even more difficult in the context of excessive anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD/ADD, ASD or other mental health conditions. On top of the challenge itself, it can be difficult dealing with stigma and finding safe places to talk things through.  This session is open to trainees at all levels (postbacs, grads, and postdocs).

Please join us for a discussion with OITE Wellness Advisor, Annie Scheiner.  The discussion group provides a welcoming and confidential space to explore positive and proactive methods to build resilience, mentoring and self-care skills.  Even if you can’t join us for the entire hour, we encourage you to still attend.  We would rather you come late or leave early, than not come at all.