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Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series: II. Exploring our Self-Talk: Cognitive Distortions and Imposter Fears

Workshop/Seminar: Personal Development; Wellness

Jun 24, 2020

Speaker(s): Sharon Milgram, PhD, Director, OITE
This event is recommended for: Summer Interns; Postbacs; Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows; NIH Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician.

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We tell ourselves stories about what is happening to us and around us. In this webinar we will explore how our self-talk is generated and look at ways our self-talk can either help us be more resilient or how it can hurt us and hold us back. We will look at two important elements of our self-talk, cognitive distortions and imposter fears and explore ways to recognize internal messages and input from others that distorts our views of our abilities and accomplishments.


Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series (9 weeks)

Navigating school, the career exploration process, research environments, and the stress of national/international news can seem overwhelming and lead us to doubt ourselves just when we need confidence the most. Through workshops and group discussions in this series, we will work to identify attitudes and behaviors that can help us be more resilient as we navigate difficult situations in school, work and life. Each workshop will highlight emotional intelligence competencies needed for success in research and healthcare careers and will provide strategies for developing these competencies as part of your educational journey. While you may participate in any of webinars, it is best to participate in the entire series as the material relates and concepts will be developed throughout the series. The five workshops and four group discussions in the series are:

Week 1 – 6/9/2020: I. An Introduction to Resilience and Wellness (NOTE: THIS SESSION HAS BEEN MOVED TO A TUESDAY!)

Week 2 – 6/17/2020: Group Discussion 1

Week 3 – 6/24/2020: II. Exploring our Self-Talk: Cognitive Distortions and Imposter Fears

Week 4 – 7/1/2020: Group Discussion 2

Week 5 – 7/8/2020: III. Self-Advocacy and Assertiveness

Week 6 – 7/15/2020: Group Discussion 3

Week 7 – 7/22/2020: IV. Feedback Resilience

Week 8 – 7/29/2020: Group Discussion 4

Week 9 – 8/12/2020: V. Building Mentor Networks