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ONLINE ONLY (5:00-5:30 pm) Mindfulness Meditation - "Mindful Body Scan"

Small Group: Personal Development; Wellness

Jul 30, 2020

Speaker(s): Michael Sheridan, PhD, OITE Special Advisor for Diversity and Wellness Programs
This event is recommended for: Summer Interns; Postbacs; Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows; NIH Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician.

Practicing a Mindful Body Scan is simply connecting with our physical selves and noticing how the body is doing in the present moment.  We are not trying to change anything - we're just being with "what is"  (Oh, there's some tension here, warmth here, not much of anything here.) Holding sensations in our awareness without judging them or reacting to them allows us to be with “what is” – letting them be as they are without triggering so much emotional reactivity or agitated thinking about them.  Thus, the body scan is another way to practice “noticing” and “welcoming” – skills that we can bring into the rest of lives as well.  Hope you can join us!

The Zoom link will be distributed via NIH Trainee Listservs. If you need the link immediately please email