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Academic Jobs: What Can I Be if I'm Not a PI?

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration

Jan 11, 2011

Speaker(s): Jeff Chyatte, PhD, Professor, Montgomery College; William Higgins, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park; Chonnettia Jones, PhD, Science Program Director, Janelia Farm; Patricia Sololove, PhD, Deputy Director, OITE
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Academic and academic-like institutions offer a wide range of career options for individuals with scientific training.  Aside from the traditional tenure-track investigator role, academic institutions draw on scientists for classroom teaching, scientific training, career advising, scientific management, and academic administration.  This seminar will highlight career options in these areas, and provide information for scientists seeking positions other than Principle Investigator. The panel for this event consists of scientists with experience working in government, academic, and private research institutions.  They will share an inside perspective with attendees, including information about what their responsibilities are, what types of positions exist, and what you should be doing now if you are interested in getting into similar positions.   Panelists will also answer attendee questions.  This event is sponsored by FELCOM.