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Reapplying to Medical School

Workshop/Seminar: Professional (Medical/Dental) School

Oct 08, 2020

Speaker(s): John Taborn, PhD, Career Counselor
This event is recommended for: Postbacs.

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If you anticipate reapplying to MD or MD/PhD programs, it will be important to submit a substantially revised application.  In this workshop, Dr. John Taborn will help you to get in the mindset to reapply, learn how to analyze the application that you submitted previously, and to create a plan for moving forward successfully.   Please attend this workshop if you have applied to MD or MD/PhD programs in the past or are currently applying and

  • you haven’t heard from schools about interviews; or
  • you interviewed, are awaiting a response ; or
  • you were waitlisted but haven't been moved up; or
  • just want to be prepared should you need to re-apply