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ONLINE Only (12:00-1:00 p.m.) Wellness Wednesday - "Dealing with Zoom Fatigue"

Discussion Group/Brown Bag: Personal Development; Wellness

Sep 23, 2020

Speaker(s): Michael Sheridan, PhD, OITE Special Advisor for Diversity and Wellness Programs
This event is recommended for: Summer Interns; Postbacs; Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Ever wonder why you're feeling so tired at the end of the day when all you've been doing is sitting and talking with others on Zoom or some other virtual platform?  Tired of seeing yourself up there with other little faces in boxes? Tired of trying to maintain focus and attention during Zoom meetings? Well, it turns out that this kind of interaction is particularly taxing to both the mind and the body and there's a reason why you've been feeling so fatiqued!  Come to Wellness Wednesday this week (ironically on Zoom) to talk about ways we can deal with "Zoom Fatigue" and bring a little more energy and vitality into our days!

The Zoom link will be distributed via NIH Trainee Listservs. If you need the link immediately please email