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NIH Career Development Series for High School Students and Recent Graduates: II. Leadership: Self Awareness and Relationships with Others

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration; Leadership - Personal/Group Interactions; Personal Development

Jul 07, 2021

Speaker(s): Erika Barr, PhD, Director, Community College Programs
This event is recommended for: Summer Interns.


We each bring our unique personalities and work styles to the classroom, lab, workplace, and home. Understanding your style and appreciating that others have different styles can enhance your interactions and help you succeed. This workshop will explore differences in personalities and work styles that impact the way we communicate, take in information, make decisions, engage in conflict, learn, and plan our day. The workshop will include group activities and hands-on experiences related to working successfully in educational and research team environments.

Note: Students who attend at least four workshops will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

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