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FelCom - FARE Travel Arrangements with Your FARE Award Money

(Updated 2017 February 16 at 15:01)

1) The money for your FARE award is provided by your Institute/Center (IC).

  • Start your travel planning soon as possible. Do not wait until the meeting is imminent! You need to get on the travel list that your IC prepares for travel authorization. NOTE: This is likely 6-months ahead of the meeting!
  • Work with your travel planner, advising that you are a FARE ("travel award") winner and would like to arrange your travel plans using the monies provided by the IC. You may need to send them a copy of the letter you received indicating that you are a winner. The travel planner should contact the AO in the Scientific Director (SD) office about how to process your award.
  • All travel must be completed by the end of the fiscal year that you have won the award.


2) Ask the travel-planner what they require to prepare travel.  Typically they will ask for:

  • name of the meeting, dates and location
  • registration fees
  • lodging fees
  • travel fees - air, rail, etc...


3) The travel planner will have been told by the SD which CAN (Central Accounting Number) from which your travel money will be drawn. If not, they must find out from the SD directly. Remember that the award is $1000 and that it comes from your SD's office not your lab. (Any travel costs that exceed $1,000 will need to come from the lab.)


4) The travel planner will calculate the per diem for the city you are visiting and the estimated cost of the entire trip. They will book your travel according to travel policies set forth by your IC.


5) Attend the meeting.


6) Save all receipts, including:

  • proof of registration
  • airline ticket receipt
  • hotel/lodging receipt
  • taxi/ground transportation
  • anything else you spent money on related to the meeting.
  • NOTE: Meal receipts are not necessary, the per diem covers a set amount for daily lodging and meals. Ask the AO to go over this with you before you travel so you do not overspend.


7) Make copies of the receipts. Give the travel planner the originals, and save your copies! The travel planner will calculate the entire cost of the meeting and submit the paperwork to accounting.


8) Remember your award is for $1000, so if you travel costs exceed that amount you or your laboratory will be responsible for the difference.


9) The money is to be used to travel to a meeting within the United States. If you wish to use the money to travel to an international meeting please contact your Scientific Director for permission. The list of SD's can be found at (