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Are You a Former NIH Trainee?

We hope that you enjoyed your time at the NIH and that your training here prepared you well for the next steps in your career.  Former trainees are a huge resource!   Whether you were a postdoc, clinical fellow, grad student, postbac, or summer intern, and regardless of how long it's been since you left, we want to know what you've been doing.  Here are some steps you can take to reestablish contact. 

Join the NIH Alumni Database

Why should you consider joining?  Because the database will be a networking resource for you!  You will be helping to create a searchable database of potential colleagues that you can mine to meet your own needs and those of your friends and students.  You can also help future trainees by accepting our invitations to come back to the NIH as a speaker at OITE events, helping us to generate solid data on what our trainees do next, and answering trainee questions about schools you have attended or jobs you have taken.

NOTE: your information will be shared only with other NIH trainees, both former and future, and only if you give us permission.

Search the NIH Alumni Database

Find out what your former colleagues are doing now.

Check out OITE Resources That May Be of Interest to your trainees

When OITE staff members create new online resources, they are eager to make them as widely available as possible. Perhaps some of them, like the Guide to Resumes and Curricula Vitae or the YouTube video on attending one's first professional meeting, will help your trainees succeed.