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What investigators, Administrators, and Anyone Working with NIH Trainees Needs to Know: OITE Resources and Services

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Interacting with Trainees and Trainee Information Outside the Research Group (Housing, the Online Application System, Nepotism)


Online application system

Authorized NIH investigators and staff can use the OITE online application system (NIH Research and Training Opportunities or RTO) to

  • search the databases containing applications to NIH intramural research training programs including the Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP), the Undergraduate Scholarship System (UGSP), the Postbac Program and the Summer Internship Program (SIP);
  • approve trainee submissions to NIH events and competitions including FARE (Fellows Award for Research Excellence); and
  • complete FARE judging assignments

Access to these functions is limited to NIH investigators and staff who have accounts on the appropriate OITE system.  Your login credentials for OITE application systems are  your NIH network login credentials.  You can also access the system using your smart card reader.

To request an account that will permit you to access the OITE applications systems, please contact your IC Program Coordinator.  That individual will first determine whether you already have an account.  If so, he/she will ask the system to send you your login credentials.  If not, he/she will create an account for you.  Please note that each IC has its own policy on who may have an account.

Login to the OITE online systems:

NOTE:  As of August 2011, the NIH has discontinued use of its online application system for postdoctoral positions.  You are welcome to submit ads for available positions to the OITE for inclusion on its Web site on a page listing Postdoc Positions at the NIH. Ads are generally posted on Fridays.  Please use the OITE Template for Submitting Postdoc Ads and submit the document to Pat Sokolove and Ulli Klenke.  Also note that ads should

  • State clearly what application materials are to be submitted
  • Include contact information for the individual to whom the materials are to be submitted
  • Include the statement: "The NIH is dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and employment programs."
  • Include the statement: "This position is subject to a background investigation." if the ad is for a position in the NCI.

Important Note:

If you are interested in hiring someone for the summer to do administrative (or engineering or IT) tasks, please take a look at the HR Pathways for Students and Recent Graduates Program. This program may also be of interest to offices in the Extramural Research Program.  The Summer Internship Program is ONLY for individuals interested in biomedical research and can ONLY be used to hire trainees into the NIH Intramural Research Program.