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For Summer Mentors/Preceptors and All NIH Staff

To All NIH Investigators and Staff

NIH Summer Research Program Poster Day 2018 is scheduled for Thursday, August 9th in the Natcher Conference Center.  Whether you are hosting a summer intern this year or not, we hope you will mark your calendar, try to attend, and encourage members of your research group to turn out.  Poster Day provides the interns with an opportunity to share their science with the NIH community, but it only works if the NIH community shows up.

To summer mentors/preceptors

If you or one of your trainees is mentoring a summer intern, thank you!  We know that this represents a significant investment of time and energy.

Should you have questions or want some advice, please feel free to contact your IC Training Director, the staff in the NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE), or the OITE Career Services Center.


The following books and brochures are available in the OITE Career Services Library on the second floor of Building 2:


  • Mentoring Seminar for Graduate Students and Postdocs: Tips for Mentoring a Summer Intern
    Description: Soon the summer interns will descend on the NIH, and your PI may put one or more of them under your charge. Do you know what your intern(s) will do this summer? Have you thought about the best way to design a summer project for a novice? This Webinar offers tips on how to help shape the future of the next generation of scientists, while moving your own projects forward (and preserving your sanity!).  This workshop has not yet been scheduled.
    View an earlier videocast [RAM, Total Running Time: 55:54]
  • Summer Research Mentor Training
    This 2-week long mentoring course is for postbacs, graduate students, postdocs, and staff scientists/staff clinicians who will be training our summer interns. It will use a highly interactive format to cover mentoring issues "just in time", as they are likely to emerge. Topics include:
    • Effectively establishing mentor-mentee expectations
    • Developing strategies for helping mentees build confidence, independence, creativity, and communication skills
    • Improving cultural competency in mentoring
    • Developing a mentoring philosophy.

Writing Letters of Recommendation

Writing a Letter of Recommendation - Tips for Mentors from the OITE Careers Blog; see also Gender and Letters of Recommendation for Academia: Agentic and Communal Differences (2009) Madera, JM et al., Journal of Applied Psychology 94: 1591-1599.