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Exhibitor FAQs: 2021 Virtual NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair


Is there a registration fee to exhibit or attend the fair?
No. There is no cost to attend or exhibit at this event. 

What is the deadline to register as an exhibitor?
April 30, 2021.

When can students register to attend?
Attendee registration will open on May 3, 2021.

Where can I view a recording of the live Q&A session for exhibitors?

Are there limits on the number of exhibit time slots?
Each exhibiting program may only sign up for one exhibitor slot.  If your institution has multiple programs, then each program may sign up for a slot. 

What information do I need to enter on my exhibitor registration?
Please make sure that your information is as complete as possible.  Do not use acronyms or abbreviations.  We will use this information to create the event program book.  

  • POC contact information
  • Name of Institution/University
  • Program or Department (Complete Name)
  • Program / Department Website (include http:// or https://)
  • Type of Program
  • Online Meeting Format
  • Online Meeting -URL Address
  • Online Meeting ID, Passcode, etc.
  • Who will represent your program?
  • Brief Description of Your Online Meeting (250 characters)

How do I edit my registration info?
Use the “Edit my Sign Up” link at the bottom of your SignUp Genius confirmation email.  You will be able to edit your registration info until April 30th

Can I change my time slot? 
You can’t change a time slot.  You can go to “Edit my Sign Up” and delete your existing registration and create a new registration for a different time slot.

How will the students receive the exhibitor session information?
In advance of the event, each student registrant will receive a file containing  the exhibitor schedule, session info, and links.  The students will have time to plan their visits to the programs they wish to visit.  Registrants will receive an Excel file, so they can sort, search, and edit the data.  The exhibitor program names will be shared on our website, but your point of contact names and exact session info will not be made public. 

How can exhibitors collect attendee info?
OITE does not register students for individual exhibitor sessions.  We recommend that your session link include a registration, so you collect the attendee name and contact info before they enter your live session.  This will also allow you to follow up with them. 

How should I structure my live exhibitor session?
There is no standard format.  You may utilize the format that best highlights your program.  Some of the most common formats are Q&A, breakout rooms, short presentations, 1:1 sessions,… We do recommend that you have multiple people available to manage the session and interact with students. OITE surveyed student participants following the 2020 virtual fair.  Watch the Exhibitor Q&A video for best practices and specific recommendations developed from those survey results.

Does OITE use social media to promote the fair?
OITE will use Twitter to promote the event.  Our account name is @NIH_OITE.  We will use #GPFair21 to post about the event.  Do not post your live event session link on social media.

Where can I find the fair agenda? 
You can view a tentative agenda for the fair at: Live panels will be held on Monday, July 19th.  While these panels are still being formulated, we anticipate that there will be four panels on topics such as MD/PhD: Is it for You?, Getting to Medical School, and Getting into a PhD Program in the Biosciences.

Students are also invited to visit the OITE YouTube Channel to watch recorded panels from the 2020 virtual fair.