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Public Relations

Newsletter - The GSC publishes a monthly newsletter, The GSChronicles, to announce events, share student news, and discuss topics of interest to the graduate student community. If you have recently published a paper, received an award, or are graduating please let us now so we can announce it in the next newsletter. If you would like to help write for the newsletter or have an idea for an article please or if you are interested in science writing or honing your literary skills, the GSChronicles is also looking for the next interesting article about your field of study or your scientific endeavors. Contact us to pitch your idea or help us write the newsletter at

Website - Have new ideas for the GSC website? Please contact

FELCOM Liaison - FelCom (Fellows Committee) meets monthly to discuss issues and concerns of clinical and basic research fellows from every institute at the NIH, as well as FDA/CBER and USUHS. FelCom members are involved in numerous programs aimed at improving the training experience at the NIH. The entire listing of FelCom subcommittees can be found at  Social/networking events are a regular occurrence, and NIH graduate students are welcome to attend nearly all FelCom social events. The GSC-FelCom Liaison is responsible for attending the monthly GSC and FelCom meetings, and keeping FelCom officers and members aware of the events and activities taking place in the NIH graduate student community. Have an announcement or issue you'd like to bring to the attention of FelCom? Email the GSC-FelCom Liaison: