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13th Annual NIH Graduate Student Research Symposium - Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 GPP Outstanding Mentor Award:

John Kehrl, MD (NIAID); Nominating Graduate Student: Neel Nabar
Daniel Reich, MD/PhD (NINDS); Nominating Graduate Student: Nathanael Lee
Jefferey C. Smith, PhD (NINDS); Nominating Graduate Student: Shariar Sheik‎hbahaei

Congratulations to the Winners of the First Annual Elevator Pitch Competition

First Place: Helen MIchael (NCI and University of Maryland, College Park)
Runners Up: Allison Dennis (NICHD and Johns Hopkins University) and Sarah Kimmich (NIMH and University College London)

Congratulations to This year's recipients of the NIH Graduate Student Research Award

Behavioral Sciences / Social Sciences / Psychology
Andrew Kesner (NIDA and Johns Hopkins University)

Biochemistry / Developmental / Cell & Molecular Biology
Christie Campla (NEI and Oxford University)

Bioinformatics/ Biostatistics / Epidemiology / Computational & Systems Biology 
Michael Tisza (NCI and Johns Hopkins University)

Carcinogenesis / Tumore Biology 
Sarah Cramer (NCI and University of Maryland, College Park)

Immunology / Virology / Microbiology 
Jason Yolitz (NIAID and Johns Hopkins University)

Nathanael Lee (NINDS and Georgetown  University)

New Proposal 
Joseph Roney (NINDS and Oxford University)
Maryam Mukhamedova (NIAID and Johns Hopkins University)
Laura Chopp (NCI and University of Pennsylvania)

Structural Biology / Biophysics / Chemistry 
Annapurna Vemu (NINDS and Johns Hopkins University)

Pharmacology / Clinical / Translational Science
Nityashree Shivaprasad (NCI and Georgetown University)
Erin Coonahan (NINDS and Oxford University)