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14th Annual NIH Graduate Student Research Symposium - Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 GPP Outstanding Mentor Award:

Lisa Cunningham, PhD (NIDCD); Nominating Graduate Student: Andrew Breglio
Veronica Alvarez, PhD (NIAAA); Nominating Graduate Student: Dennis Burke
Todd Macfarlan, PhD (NICHD); Nominating Graduate Student: Justin Demmerle
Laura Koehly, PhD (NHGRI); Nominating Graduate Student: Jeff Leinert

Congratulations to the Winners of the Annual Elevator Pitch Competition

First Place: Craig Pearson (NHLBI and University of Cambridge)
Runners Up: Natalie Schneider Nunes (CC and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) and Nicholas Ader (NINDS and University of Cambridge)

Congratulations to last year's recipients of the NIH Graduate Student Research Award

Behavioral Sciences / Social Sciences / Psychology
Alec Nickolls (NINDS and Brown University)

Biochemistry / Developmental / Cell & Molecular Biology
Justin Demmerle (NICHD and University of Oxford)
Ryan Prestil (NINDS and University of Cambridge)

Bioinformatics/ Biostatistics / Epidemiology / Computational & Systems Biology 
Rei Sekiguchi (NIDCR and University of Missouri - Kansas City)

Carcinogenesis / Tumore Biology 
Yasmin Leshem (NCI and Technion Institute)

Immunology / Virology / Microbiology 
Laura Chopp (NCI and University of Pennsylvania)

Chinyere Agbaegbu Iweka (NHLBI and Georgetown University)
Wendy Xin (NIDA and Johns Hopkins University)

New Proposal 
Anjelika Gasalnia (NCI and Georgetown University)
Jacob Paiano (NCI and University of Pennsylvania)

Structural Biology / Biophysics / Chemistry 
Joseph Roney (NINDS and University of Oxford)

Pharmacology / Clinical / Translational Science
Erin Coonahan (NIAID and Oxford University)