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HiSTEP Sample Resume

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2014 - present      Current junior at XYZ High School, Washington, DC

2014 - present: Landscape gardener at Lawn Care Plus 
                          - Provide lawn maintenance services including mowing grass
                          - Led a team of four employees for lawncare maintenance
                          Skills acquired: management, attention to detail, customer service

2014 - present: Math tutor for two middle school students
                         - Prepare study materials, help with homework, and facilitate studying for tests
                          Skills acquired: organization, communication, time management

2014 - 2015: Child Care Provider for local families 
                     - Provided child care for families on weekends and during school vacations
                     Skills acquired: patience, instructional skills, decision-making skills

2014: Volunteer for the Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Foundation
           - Co-organized car wash fundraiser with a team of six students
            Skills ackquired: budgeting and money management, teamwork
2015: Contributor to XYZ Science Fair                    
           - Led science project to participate at Science Fair
           Skills acquired: project management
2014 - present: Member of XYZ Marching Band
                         - Played alto saxophone
                         Skills acquired: teamwork, discipline
2013 - present: Vice-president, St. Mary's Class of 2017
                       -led meeetings to discuss class issues and concerns
                        Skills acquired: leadership
2012 - present: Member, St. Mary's Science and Math Club
                         -participated in Science Olympiad and Math Athletes competitions
                          skills acquired: teamwork, academic discipline
2013 - 2014: Active member of Girl Scout Troop #376
                      -Participated in troop service projects
                      -Mentored younger Girls Scouts
                       Skills acquired: mentoring

2015 - present      National Honor Society
2014 - present      XYZ Academic Honor Roll

COMPUTER SKILLS: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Prezi