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2022 Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships

In 2022, 12 applications for the Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships were selected for funding from a large number of meritorious submissions. Funding for these fellowships is graciously supplied by the NIH Office of AIDS Research.



PI IC Project Title
Adam Capoferri Mary Kearney  NCI/CCR Dynamics of HIV-1 Proviral Expression in Untreated People Living with HIV

Cameron Haas Meredith Shiels NCI/DCEG

Trends and Risk of Anal Cancer and Anal Precancer Among People Living with HIV in the U.S.

David Nyenhuis Tico Tjandra NHLBI

Understanding How the Differential Binding of Host and Viral Sequences to HIV-1 Gag, and the Functional State of Nedd4 Ub Ligases, Affect the Late Stages of the HIV-1 Life Cycle Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Elisha Segrist Yasmine Belkaid NIAID Investigating How Anti-retroviral Treatment Shapes Immunity of the Female Reproductive Tract
Hana Veler Eric Freed NCI/CCR Investigating the Interaction Between the MA Domain of Gag and the Cytoplasmic Tail of gp41 During HIV-1 Maturation
Jennifer Simpson Jason Brenchley NIAID Evaluating the Role of SIV-specific CD8 T Cells Throughout SIV Infection
Jonathan Kitzrow Wei-Shau Hu NCI/CCR Understanding the Cellular Life of HIV-1 RNA, From Transcription to Degradation
Katarzyna Skorupa Hiroshi Matsuo NCI/CCR

Structural Basis of APOBEC3 Degradation in HIV-1 Vif-dependent Manner

Kelsie Brooks Jason Brenchley NIAID In Vitro Latency Establishment and Reversal of Primary HIV-1 Isolates
Khalin Nisbett George Koob NIDA

The Status of Anxiety, Drug Dependence & Anti-Stress Systems in a Humanized Mouse Model of HIV

Yan Zeng Kyung Lee NCI/CCR

The Structure and function of the HIV-1 Vpr-VprBP-Plk4 Complex Linking HIV-1 Infection to Centrosome Abnormalities and Cancer

Yuta Hikichi Eric Freed NCI/CCR

Mechanism of HIV-1 Env-Mediated Drug Resistance

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