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2021 Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships

In 2021, 11 applications for the Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships were selected for funding from a large number of meritorious submissions. Funding for these fellowships is graciously supplied by the NIH Office of AIDS Research.



PI IC Project Title
Alex Kleinpeter Eric Freed NCI-CCR

Elucidating the Role of IP6 in HIV-1 Assembly and Maturation

Alexander Foo Geoffrey Mueller NIEHS

Novel HIV Inhibitors Derived from the Mosquito Protein AEG12

David Nyenhuis Tico Tjandra NHLBI

Understanding the Critical Competition Between Host and Virus for the
Cellular ESCRT Factor Tsg101 Using Peptide Binding and Solution NMR

Jenna Lieberman Rafael Casellas NIAMS

Production of Anti-HIV Nanobodies from Camelid Engineered Mice

Jennifer Simpson Jason Brenchley NIAID

Mechanisms Underlying Development of Tissue-Resident CD8 T Cells in SIV Infected Nonhuman Primates

Jose Pedro Lopes Michail Lionakis NIAID

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Impaired IL-17 Mucosal Antifungal Defense During SIV Infection

Martina Rossi Myriam Gorospe NIA

Long Noncoding RNA PURPL as a Novel Modulator of the Type-I Interferon Response in HIV-Associated Senescence

Myungjin Lee Peter Kwong NIAID/VRC

Study of Dynamics between Three States of HIV-1 Envelop Trimer by Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Development of a Web-Based Server to Quantify Glycan Coverage of Glycoproteins

Rokeya Siddiqui Vinay Pathak NCI/CCR

Identification of Host Dependency Factors that Influence Nuclear Import of HIV-1 Capsid

Yan Zeng Kyung Lee NCI/CCR

The Role of the Ternary HIV-1 Vpr-VprBP-Plk4 Complex in the Induction of Centrosome Abnormalities and Cancer

Yuta Hikichi Eric Freed NCI/CCR

Mechanism of HIV-1 Env-Mediated Drug Resistance In Vitro and In Vivo

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