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2020 Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships

In 2020, 15 applications for the Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships were selected for funding from a large number of meritorious submissions. Funding for these fellowships is graciously supplied by the NIH Office of AIDS Research.



PI IC Project Title
Alex Kleinpeter Eric Freed NCI-CCR

Elucidating the Role of IP6 in HIV-1 Assembly and Maturation

Alice Duchon Wei-Shau Hu NCI-CCR

Understanding the Interplay Between HIV-1 Gag and the Viral RNA Genome that Facilitates Virus Assembly

Catherine DeMarino Avindra Nath NINDS

Characterization of HIV Reservoirs and Role in Mediating Patterns of Neurocognitive Dysfunction

Charles Bou-Nader Jinwei Zhang NIDDK

Structural Basis of Specific RNA Recognition By the HIV-1 Gag Matrix Domain

Charles Coomer Alex Compton NCI

Revealing the Mechanism IFITM3-Mediated Inhibition of HIV-1 Envelope Using Advanced Fluorescence and Super-Resolution Microscopy

Cheng Man Lun Eric Freed NCI-CCR

Antagonism of HIV-1 Replication by Cellular Factor MARCH E3 Ubiquitin Ligases and Viral Escape Pathways

Felipe Lopes de Assis Susan Moir NIAID

Gene Regulatory Network Associated with Low Neutralizing Antibody Production by HIV-specific Memory B-Cell in Lymphoid Tissues

James Stamos Genoveffa Franchini NCI-CCR

Development of a Cost-Effective and Scalable DNA-Based HIV Vaccine Candidate

Lavina Gharu Daniel Douek NIAID-VRC Deciphering the Mechanism of HIV-1 Genetic Risk Variants on Gene Expression Patterns
Mor Alkaslasi Claire Le Pichon NICHD Molecular Mechanisms of Neuropathic Pain Following Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Treatment
Myungjin Lee Peter Kwong NIAID-VRC Computational Study of Three Distinct States of HIV-1 Envelop Trimer by Advanced Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Samantha Fede Reza Momenan NIAAA The Effect of Acute Alcohol Intoxication on Neural Processes During Decisions to Engage in HIV Risk Behaviors
Tomas Kroupa Alan Rein NCI Kinetics of Specific and Nonspecific Interactions of HIV-1 Gag with RNA
Tony James Avindra Nath NINDS Characterizing Proteomic and Transcriptional Profiles of CNS-Derived Exosomes In HIV-1 infection to Identify Biomarkers for Neurological Disease
Wazo Zaw Myint Hiroshi Matsuo NCI-CCR Determining the Structural Mechanism Behind HIV-1 Vif’s Targeting of Restriction Factor APOBEC3G for Proteasomal Degradation

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