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Adjunct Lecturer in Biology

The Catholic University of America, Biology Department, District of Columbia

About the position

The position is being offered through the Department of Biology at the Catholic University of America. This institution educates both undergraduate and graduate students.

The candidate is expected to teach a required introductory biology lecture course. This course is for undergraduates in Biology and related fields who are on a pre-med track. It is an in-person course. Typically, freshmen are enrolled in the class. The class size is ~50-60 students. This course serves as and an introduction to animal and plant biology with an emphasis on cancer biology, biotechnology, cell signaling, immunology, and molecular genetics. The lectures are typically scheduled for twice a week on T/Th from 12:40-1:55 pm. Classes are from January 8 - May 4, 2024. Lecture materials are available for use from prior instructors.

Apply for this vacancy

What you'll need to apply

Please send a detailed CV. Other documents that the applicant feels that would enhance the information provided in their CV can be included, but not required.

Contact name

Pamela Tuma

Contact email


Terminal degree preferred (e.g., PhD). Teaching or training experience preferred.

Additional Information

The Catholic University of America is an Equal Opportunity Employer.