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Research Associate II, Assay Services- 17-0094

Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC., Rockville, Maryland

Position Description:
A Research Associate II (RA II) is responsible for independently designing and executing experiments and analyzing the resulting data in support of reagent and assay development projects. This is a laboratory based position performing protein-based immunoassays on a routine basis with relatively high throughput (3-10 plates per day). The incumbent is expected to display a wide-degree of latitude, creativity and self-management.

  •  Execute on the design of experiments and implement plans with minimal guidance utilizing appropriate protocols
  1. Establish schedules and scope of proposed experiments
  2. Complete documentation to support testing procedures including data capture, forms, logbooks, and inventory batch records
  3. Analyze and prepare reagent and/or assay product documentation, organize and procure needed reagents, perform experiments, analyze data and document results
  • Exercise professional judgment to independently analyze experiment data
  1. Employ self reliance in drawing experiment conclusions and interpreting results
  2. Initiate the verification of accuracy and validity of data; correct any errors
  • Tender presentations for delivery to peer review groups using clear and concise methodologies
  1. Provide descriptive statistical analysis via tables, graphs and other tools for summarizing research results
  2. Propose viable options and educated recommendations for next steps
  • Lead general lab maintenance initiatives including maintaining laboratory supplies and equipment
  1. Maintain and update electronic inventory list database (using Sharepoint), physical inventory and processing/aliquotting/vialing/labeling materials
  2. Prepare, maintain and report reagent inventories for assigned methods
  • Utilize self-reliance in understanding and adhering to laboratory safety precautions and proper use of personal protective equipment
  1. The incumbent is also expected to monitor the behaviors of others within the laboratory setting and provide guidance on best practices
  • Specific duties may vary depending upon departmental requirements


  • Bachelor's degree in life sciences, protein sciences, cellular/molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, or other related area is required
  • Master's degree is preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience (excluding academic internships) in reagent or assay development in an industrial setting is preferred; academic setting considered
  • Experience with running antibody-based assays, developing reagents and product development is desirable
  • Training in and experience with Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) techniques is highly preferred
  • A demonstrated level of consistency in performance and aptitude for managing additional responsibility and accountability are required for next level consideration

To Apply:
If interested, please send your resume to Peter J. Nasou: