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Research Technologist

American Society for Microbiology, Omaha, Nebraska

Position Description:
This position will support the research activities in the department of pediatric infectious diseases. This position will:

  • Perform standard medical microbiology tasks to include bacteriology, serology and molecular diagnostic examinations. Ensure tests are performed in an accurate and timely fashion using appropriate safety precautions.
  • Provide support and leadership for research lab personnel in Nigeria and other African countries. Direct the development of protocols for standard medical microbiology procedures in resource-constrained settings in Africa.
  • Perform specialized tasks related to banking biological specimens, manage specimen inventory and data registries.

Required Education: Bachelor's degree

Degree/Training Required: Microbiology, Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) or related field

Required Experience: 3 years

Experience Required: Experience in a research or clinical laboratory setting

Required License: Yes

If Yes, what is the required licensure/certification: Licensure or certification of one of the following: a Medical Technologist, Medical Laboratory Scientist or Public Health Microbiologist approved by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists or the American Society of Microbiologists.

Required Computer Applications: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint

Required Additional Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Technical expertise in Medical Microbiology to include serology, Bacteriology and molecular diagnostics

Preferred Education: Master's degree

Preferred Experience: 10+years of Clinical laboratory. Experience in a research laboratory setting. International experience working in resource limited settings preferred. Experience in developing and implementing laboratory program initiatives, laboratory strategic planning, laboratory accreditation programs, quality management systems, supply chain management systems, and use of electronic laboratory information systems.

Preferred License: Yes

If yes, what is the preferred licensure/certification? CITI

Preferred Computer Applications: REDCAP

Preferred Other Computer Applications: Use of digital camera and gel documentations systems

Preferred Additional Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Excellent skills in record keeping, lab organization, and communication. Considerable knowledge of the basic principles and laboratory applications of biology, microbiology and chemistry. Ability to apply knowledge of biology, microbiology, chemistry and scientific methodology. Some knowledge of current laboratory facilities, methods, equipment, materials and ability to perform standardize biological, chemical, and microbiological examinations independently. Make and record scientific observations accurately, prepare and present scientific records and reports, and observe, apply and enforce safety precautions. Knowledge of public health laboratory laws and regulations; sanitary bacteriology regulations. Ability to consult with departmental staff and international collaborators on issues of public health importance. Ability to communicate with staff and collaborators in a positive and successful manner.

To Apply:
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