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Research Technician

National Cancer Institute, Rockville, Maryland

Position Description:
This is a Research Technician position in the laboratory of Dr. James Kochenderfer in the Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch of the NCI. The laboratory does all aspects of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell research including designing new CARs, in vitro immunology experiments, mouse experiments, and clinical trials. The specific role of the Research Technician will be lab management, conducting mouse experiments, and conducting in vitro T-cell experiments such as cell culture, flow cytometry, quantitative PCR, and ELISAs.

The position offers an opportunity to learn about an area of research that is of great interest to biotechnology companies. The position also offers opportunites to obtain new knowledge of gene therapy and tumor immunology. This is a contact position through Leidos Biomedical.

Because of the role, applicants with experience in working with mice and conducting immunology or tumor biology experiments are preferred. Applicants looking for a position lasting at least 2 years are desired. Title advancement and a stable position lasting longer than 2 years are possible.

To Apply:
Please contact James Kochenderfer at