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Sr. Scientist - Biochemistry (X-ray/Cryo-EM Structural Analysis)

Skyhawk Therapeutics, Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts

Position Description:

Skyhawk Therapeutics is seeking a talented and inspired Biochemist to be part of an interdisciplinary research team working at the interface of molecular biology, biophysics and biochemistry. The successful candidate will develop and support a state-of-the-art RNA biochemistry/biophysics platform to aid multiple drug research projects and teams. The X-ray/Cryo-EM biochemist will be a member of the structural biology team within our growing, fast-paced company.

Skyhawk is committed to discovering, developing and commercializing small molecule therapeutics that correct RNA splicing. We use our novel SkySTAR(TM) platform (Skyhawk Small molecule Therapeutics for Alternative splicing of RNA) to develop drug candidates for some of the world’s most intractable diseases including cancer, neurological conditions, and other therapeutic areas and targets previously considered “undruggable.”

Role and Responsibilities (include, but not limited to):
  • Develop and support the structural biology platform to characterize molecular interactions between RNA, small ligands and biological molecules. Establish workflows, SOPs and guidelines.
  • Design and organize the production of RNA samples, recombinant proteins, and complexes. Expand and develop mutagenesis and biophysics studies to aid target validation and hit-to-lead studies.
  • Clearly and efficiently communicate with multidisciplinary teams to integrate activities within all research programs.
  • Review technical publications, articles, and presentations in the field of X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, RNA & protein biochemistry and biophysics.
  • Participate in project lab, team or company meeting and scientific discussions.
  • Summarize data and generate presentation materials.


  • PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Biophysics
  • 5+ years of experience in RNA/DNA research with broad understanding of drug discovery
  • Strong hands-on experience in expression and purification of proteins, RNA synthesis, quality controls and characterization of biological samples, functional analyses of RNA/protein and RNA/small ligand complexes
  • Excellent knowledge of RNA and protein samples preparation for X-ray and/or Cryo-EM studies
  • Excellent knowledge of X-ray and/or Cryo-EM structural data collection and analysis
  • Innovation in research/planning, and excellent command of the research literature and databases
  • Track record of scientific publication related to interactions monitoring between RNA and multiple molecules and X-ray/Cryo-EM structural characterization of RNA complexes
  • Proficiency in MS Office package and GraphPad prism
  • Ability to learn and combine new techniques and concepts, perform exploratory activities and work independently and as a team member
  • Ability to think critically, make timely decisions, and manage deadlines
  • Flexible, efficient and able to work with a problem-solving attitude in a fast-paced small company environment

To Apply:

Please send resume and cover letter to

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This post will be available until December 11, 2020 or until filled.

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