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Full-Time Research Associate in Flow Cytometry

Champions Oncology, Rockville, Maryland

Position Description: 

  • Preparation and handling of primary specimens, including peripheral blood, ascites, other liquid biospecimens.
  • Isolation of white blood cells by density gradient separation
  • Primary immune cell culture (experience with T cells, NK cells, Dendritic cells, Macrophages)
  • Sample preparation (murine or human tissues/cells) for immunostaining and acquisition by flow cytometry
  • Cell culture for primary cells and cell lines
  • Perform multicolor flow cytometry including autonomous use of flow cytometer(s) and flow analysis software
  • Perform ex vivo and in vitro assays for immuno-oncology relevant endpoints (e.g. ELISA and multiplex cytokine assays)
  • Troubleshoot, optimize, and develop methods for unmet experimental needs
  • Project management: Maintain laboratory records and notebook, organize and compile data, and write weekly reports on results 

Qualifications and Skills:

  • BS with 2-year experience or MS degree required. Preferred field of study in immunology or related sciences.
  • Industry experience working with pre-clinical and clinical samples is preferred.
  • Experience with multicolor flow cytometry is preferred.
  • Expertise in aseptic techniques for handling primary human cells and for mammalian cell culture
  • Proficiency with processing primary tissues and other samples for downstream assays
  • Proficiency in immunostaining, flow cytometry acquisition and analysis
  • Good documentation practices and able to follow established standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Experience working in a regulated environment (GLP or GCLP)
  • Proficiency in MS office suite, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint

To Apply:

Directions for submitting an application: quickly apply by submitting your resume to and