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Program Director - The Structural Biology and Molecular Applications Branch

National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland

Position Description:

The Structural Biology and Molecular Applications Branch (SBMAB), in the NCI Division of Cancer Biology (DCB), is hiring a Program Director to develop and manage a diverse portfolio of projects and programs. 
The SBMAB supports research into the development, adaptation, integration and early stage application of new technologies, approaches, and methods to accelerate cancer biology research.  The Branch covers broadly structural biology and biophysical characterization, bioinformatics, computational and mathematical biology, data science, open innovation methods including citizen science and crowdsourcing, bioengineering and systems biology.  SBMAB Program Directors work closely with their colleagues in DCB to ensure that technologies and methods are developed, adapted and integrated in a way that accelerates basic cancer research.  Also, when appropriate, the Branch works closely with other parts of the NIH and other agencies to leverage scientific, methodological and technical developments that could be brought into cancer research.


The team at SBMAB is a dynamic and interactive group who work together collaboratively to cover this broad and rapidly evolving scientific and technical space.  The Branch is especially interested in experienced, creative individuals with strong technical expertise in areas such as bioengineering, cell and tissue engineering, cellular imaging, technology development, multi-scale and systems biology.  Previous experience in initiating, developing and managing trans-disciplinary programs – particularly those that bring together biologists with physical scientists (mathematicians, engineers, physicists, etc.) – is a plus.  Knowledge of cancer biology and of the NIH grants process or experience as a Program Director are also preferred.

To Apply:

Individuals who have applied to the recent NIH Global Recruitment HSA announcements for this position, or those who are considering applying for the upcoming Global HSA announcements, are encouraged to send a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to Jennifer Couch (
As an agency of the federal government, NCI shares a commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in recruitment and hiring of a high-performing work force, including in our search process for this position.