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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology – The Retina

National Eye Institute, Bethesda, Maryland

Position Description:

We are seeking a highly motivated, creative, and bright individual with a biochemistry and molecular biology background and expertise in structure-function, structural biology and/or translational research, who is interested in studies of retinal proteins in a range of human retinal degeneration diseases.
The Scientist will complete ongoing projects regarding the contribution of PEDF to retina homeostasis. The Scientist will be instrumental in identifying and developing novel methodologies to characterize PEDF and PEDF-R proteins. These methodologies will be used for structural biological studies for the determination of the PEDF/PEDF-R complex interface. The Scientist will also participate in studies of long-term assays for compounds designed from the structural biological studies in animal models of retinal degeneration.
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The candidates must hold a MSc and/or Ph.D. degree or equivalent with at least 3 years of post-degree research experience. A proven track record of productivity judged by peer-reviewed publications is required. The successful candidate must have a strong background in protein production, purification and characterization, peptide biochemistry, binding assays, protein chemistry. Expertise in biomolecular modeling, cryoEM, x-ray crystallography, drug discovery assay development, drug efficacy studies, peptide efficacy, peptide-based therapies, pharmacodynamics and/or pharmacokinetics is desirable. Experience in retinal cell culture and ocular drug testing in vivo will be viewed favorably.

To Apply:

Please send a curriculum vitae, bibliography, cover letter with a brief description of candidate's interest in the position, research experience and long-term career goals, and the names of 3 references (with phone numbers) via e-mail to
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