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Technical Program Manager

Avantiqor, Washington, District of Columbia

Position Description:

Recruiting for a government contractor position through my company, Avantiqor, to support the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency (BARDA). 
The role is supporting a Program Officer as a Technical Program Manager.


The client is looking for someone with a strong background in vaccinology and immunology, preferably with knowledge of vaccine policy development and implementation. The candidate should be a strong communicator, self-starting, independent, and not afraid to pick up the phone to cold-call stakeholders. Early-to-mid career level (equivalent to Asst Prof).
On the company side, I'm looking for someone who can operate independently and has a bit of a sense of adventure. You'll be the first Avantiqor employee in this new market, which means there won't be institutional knowledge for you to leverage. Your Fellowship experience probably prepared you pretty well to be able to figure things out by talking to others in the office (at least mine did!), so you'll get to use those skills. There are business development opportunities if that's a thing that interests you, but not a requirement!

To Apply:

The position is open until filled. That could literally happen tomorrow. So,– if you're interested, please reach out to me ASAHP (as soon as humanly possible) so we can talk further. 
STPF MCC 2016-18