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ListServs for Current Trainees

OITE ListServs for Current NIH Trainees

Because you are a trainee in the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP), the OITE wishes to keep you informed about its many career/professional development activities. The OITE maintains and uses five official listservs to provide information about training events and career development activities to specific trainee populations: OITE-HS-SIP, OITE-SIP, OITE-POSTBACS, OITE-GRADS, and OITE-POSTDOCS.

  • OITE-SIP and OITE-HS-SIP are for NIH trainees participating in the Summer Internship Program.
  • OITE-POSTBACS is for all NIH trainees who are participating in a postbaccalaureate research program, including Postbaccalaureate IRTA/CRTAs, NIH Academy members, and UGSP Payback Scholars who are recent college graduates.
  • OITE-GRADS disseminates information for NIH trainees conducting their dissertation research at the NIH.
  • OITE-POSTDOCS is the official OITE mechanism for communicating with NIH trainees who hold a doctoral degree, such as the PhD, MD, DVM or the equivalent. This includes Postdoctoral IRTA/CRTAs, Visiting Fellows, Clinical Fellows, Research Fellows, and UGSP Payback Scholars with doctoral degrees.

Summer subprograms (like HiSTEP, CCSEP, AMGEN, or G-SOAR) may have their own listservs.

Complete and submit the membership request form if you are not receiving notices from one of the ListServs listed above.

Consider creating a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn could be thought of as a professional Facebook.  It is widely used to make connections and explore careers and professional development topics.  If you have, or create, a LinkedIn account for yourself, consider joining the OITE LinkedIn group, NIH intramural Science.

Additional nih trainee ListServs

The NIH community and trainee communities have created additional listservs that may interest you.  Please take a moment to review the following options.

  • The Club-PCR Google Group is for young scientists in the Bethesda area.  You can use this group to find housing, sell items, arrange carpooling, or gather information. This Group is not associated with the NIH, and you should use an email address other than your NIH email address to subscribe.  Join Club-PCR. External Link
  • Club PCR Facebook Page: This is a forum to help young scientists in the Bethesda area meet up for social events, volunteering, learning, playing sports, and having fun. Do not use this group to sell items, find housing, arrange carpools, or gather information. Again, this is not an official NIH Listserv. Use a personal email to subscribe. Visit Club PCR Facebook Page External Link.
  • POSTBACC_L is an NIH listserv that shares information on volunteer opportunities and activities organized by the Postbac Committee in addition to reagent requests, BioTech course announcements, and other valuable NIH science-related news or news of potential interest to NIH trainees for which the OITE is not responsible.  Join POSTBACC_L.
  • The Graduate Student Council (GSC) maintains multiple listservs designed to encourage graduate student interactions on-campus and off-campus. Learn more about the GSC ListServs.
  • FELLOW-L disseminates information on social opportunities, reagent and meeting roommate requests, and job postings. It is intended for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Join FELLOW-L.
  • The visitingfellows list is for visiting postdocs and clinical fellows at the NIH. It provides information on events and opportunities specifically for foreign postdoctoral fellows at the NIH. The list is operated by the NIH Visiting Fellows Committee (VFC) which is composed of post-doctoral visiting fellows from all around the world. The VFC is a self-governing body serving the interest of visiting fellows in their transition to life in the D.M.V. area (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, USA), by working to make their experience here worthwhile; as well as creating the opportunities for visiting fellows to maintain continuity in their research upon returning to their home countries. Join the visitingfellows list.

For assistance with listservs please contact Dr. Pat Wagner.

Diversity Listservs/Resources

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Online Resources for Postbacs

Including guidelines for writing a professional e-mail and preparing for a professional school interviewing; Webinars on keeping a lab notebook and attending your first scientifice meeting.