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The NCI iCURE Program Is Now Accepting Applications.

iCURE offers funding for postbacs, graduate students, and postdocs. The application deadline is January 17, 2020. Read more.

Two Online Courses Now Accepting Registrations!

Principles of Clinical Oncology (PCP): materials are available now; Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR): course begins 11/2.

Interested in Issues at the Intersection of Research, Evidence, and Clinical Practice?

The next "Methods: Mind the Gap" webinar (December 11th) will be Methods for Understanding and Addressing Stigma To Prevent Common Risk Factors for Disease Register. Check out videos of prior and upcoming webinars.

Online registration for FAES Graduate School courses for spring 2020 is now open!

Browse the FAES catalog and register for courses.

2020-2021 Society for Research in Child Development Policy Fellowships

This program includes Federal fellowships in the Congress and the Executive Branch and state fellowships for both pre- and post-doctoral individuals. The application deadline is January 3, 2020. Read more.

The Global Health Corps Application Will Be Available on December 5th.

Read more about the program. The application deadline is January 15th.

American Psychological Association 2020-21 Congressional Policy Fellowships

Read more, and apply by January 5, 2020.

2019 Summer Lecture I: The Human Microbiome Project - A Personal and Professional Journey through Kingdoms (Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses) and Genomes

Join Julie Segre, PhD, senior investigator in the National Human Genome Institute, for a discussion of her exciting work on the human microbiome and the use of genome sequencing to track the spread of disease, paired with her thoughts on how collaborations should work and how she manages to remain at the forefront as science evolves. NOTE: In October 2019, Dr. Segre was selected by the National Academy of Medicine as one of 4 new members from the NIH!

The New Advanced Trainee Handbook for Graduate Students, Postdoccs, and Research/Clinical Fellows is now available!

Check it out.

The Brand New 2019 Postbac Handbook Is Now Available!

Take a look.

2019 Summer Lecture II: Multidrug Resistance in Cancer

Michael Gottesman, MD, NIH Deputy Director for Intramural Research and Chief of the Laboratory of Cell Biology, NCI, talks about his life, training, career as an eminent cancer researcher, and work on the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance. View the video of Dr. Gottesman's lecture.

The Complete Program for Summer Poster Day 2019 Is Now Available!

Check out the COMPLETE Summer Poster Day Program for 2019.

The 2019 Summer Internship Program Exit Survey Has Now Closed

Check out how many interns responded to the survey.

The Complete Program for Postbac Poster Day Is Now Available!

Check it out!

The results are in!

Postbacs submitted a total of 887 responses to the 2019 Postbac Survey.  Check it out.

Postbac Poster Day 2019 Awards Announced

Congratulations to the winners!

Town Hall for NIH Trainees: NIH Anti-harassment Policies and the Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey

Watch the town hall videocast.

Awards Conferred at the 2019 GPP Graduate Student Research Symposium

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 NIH Graduate Student Research Awards, the Annual Elevator Speech Competition, and the GPP Outstanding Mentor Awards!  Read more.

OITE Resources for PIs and Staff

Interested in OITE resources, activities, and assistance for your intramural trainees? See our videocast or slides for more information.

The Imposter Phenomenon: Overcoming the Fear That Haunts Your Success

Watch the keynote presentation from the 2016 NIH Graduate Research Symposium. It could change your life.

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