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Creating a Summer Account on the OITE WebSite

You will want to create an account on the OITE website so that you can (1) register for Career Services appointments and Summer Research Presentation Week, (2) create a My OITE page that will help you keep track of your appointments and registrations, and (3) use the Alumni Database.

Please follow these directions to create an account using your NIH email address.  NOTE: you cannot do this until your email account has been activated by your Institute/Center and you can access your messages.

  • Go to the OITE Web site:
  • Click on either the "Register" link associated with an OITE event or the "LOG IN" button found at the top right of every page. (NOTE: if you click on an event registration and you have not yet created an account, scroll down until you see the account registration form, which begins with the "User Type" field.)
  • Select "NIH Trainee/Fellow" as your User Type.
  • Select "Summer Intern" as your Trainee Type.
  • When asked for your email address, enter a functional email address ending in "". IMPORTANT NOTE: you cannot use an email address more than once to create an account.  
  • Complete and submit the registration form.
  • Click on the link in your registration confirmation email that will be sent to your NIH email address to activate your account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: your confirmation email will be sent to your NIH email address.  That is how the system determines that individuals requesting an "NIH Trainee/Fellow" account are actually at the NIH.  Thus, you cannot create a Trainee account until you have access to your NIH email.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: if your IC or research group does not intend to provide you with an NIH email address, watch the OITE-HS-SIP or OITE-SIP listserv for information on an alternative process for creating an "NIH Trainee/Fellow" account.

Questions Asked Frequently about OITE accounts

What if I want to register for an event but do not yet have my NIH ID badge and email account? 
Register as a "Guest" by selecting that option from the User Type menu and using your personal email address.  This will allow you to register for events, but you will not be able to register for Career Services appointments or Summer Research Presentation Week.  When you receive your NIH ID badge and email address, create a new "NIH Trainee/Fellow" account.  Be sure to use your "Trainee/Fellow" account during the summer.  After you leave the NIH, you can continue to use your "Guest" account.

I have found out what my NIH email address is, but no one gave me a password.  How can I access my email? 
You will not be able to access your NIH email account until your Administrative Officer has contacted the Center for Information Technology and requested that they set the account up for you.  Contact your AO for further information.

What if my IC does not provide NIH email addresses to summer interns?  How can I make a Career Services appointment or register for Summer Poster Day?
Create a "Guest" account so that you can register for OITE activities. Then watch the OITE-SIP or OITE-HS-SIP listserv for information on an alternative process for creating an "NIH Trainee/Fellow" account.

What if I have been at the NIH in prior summers and already have an account in the Alumni Database?
Create and use an "NIH Trainee/Fellow" account for the summer.  We will delete these duplicate accounts when the summer is over.

What if I do not receive a confirmation email?
The most likely explanation is that you incorrectly entered your email address.  Contact us and explain your situation in detail.  Again, include an informative subject line.  We will investigate and remedy the situation. 

I was a summer intern last summer, but my OITE account does not appear to be working. What's going on?
At the end of the summer, all summer intern accounts are inactivated.  Contact us and ask to have your account re-activated.