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Poster Review Criteria:

Poster Content:

  • Was the hypothesis or statement of the problem clear?
  • Was the experimental design logically outlined (were methods and controls appropriate)?
  • Were the results presented in an organized and understandable fashion?
  • Did the conclusions follow from the results?

Poster Appearance:

  • Were the figures and tables clearly labeled and well laid out?
  • Was the font size appropriate?
  • Was the amount of text presented appropriate and was there sufficient white space?

 Student Presentation:

  • Does the student have a solid grasp of the overall research goals of the lab, i.e., could he/she put the project into the larger context?
  • Did the student present verbally in a concise and clear manner?
  • Does the student understand the methods and controls used?
  • Did the student respond to questions in a thoughtful manner?