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Cellular Immunologist

Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, Non-U.S.

Position Description:
We are interested in studying the human immune system in the context of exposure to micro- and macro-organisms and responses to vaccines. We study this, through two important research programs. One is our longstanding research collaborations with institutions in low to middle income countries where the immune system of the population is continuously challenged with viruses, bacteria and parasites. The other is, the recently established Controlled Human Infections Center, where volunteers are deliberately infected with infectious agents with an eye on utmost safety. Through these two research programs, we are able to analyse variation of cellular immune in different geographical areas and to assess how exposure to an infectious agent affects the innate and the adaptive immune response. We acquire high dimensional data through the use of mass cytometry whereby novel cell clusters are studies phenotypically and functionally.

Currently we are looking for a cellular immunologist who is interested in how exposure to malaria, pneumococcus, schistosomes or hookworm infections affects the innate and adaptive immune system. Samples are available from controlled infection trials, with and without vaccination, some also conducted in Africa, ready to be analysed with flow and mass cytometry. The analysis should help us understand the development of skewed immune responses, trained immunity as well as why responses to vaccines can be poor in low income countries.

LUMC has advanced technological facilities, such as the immune monitoring platform where a pipeline is set up for the analysis of high dimensional data acquired on innate and adaptive immune system. In collaboration with Technical University Delft, special software is developed to allow visualisation and analysis of complex data.

The candidate we are seeking: should have strong interest and experience in cellular immunology (cytometry). Interest in vaccinology would be an advantage. English proficiency is essential.
The level of employment can be at post-doctoral or research assistant level. Minimum duration of employment is one year and maximum is 3 years.

To Apply:
For further information and to learn how to apply, please contact :
Professor Maria Yazdanbakhsh
Head of Parasitology
Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel: +31715265067 (secretary: +31715265062)