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Postdoc Position: Sant Laboratory

The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Position Description:

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is among the very few universities that have six schools of the health sciences  located  on  the  same  campus  as  the  School  of  Engineering  and UPMC-Hillman  Cancer  Center.  The  environment  is  incredibly  rich  in  opportunities  for learning  as  well  as  for  translational and  clinical research  collaborations.  Pitt  ranks  fifth among U.S. universities in terms of National Institutes of Health funding. The team of Dr. Shilpa Sant in the School of Pharmacy, is seeking a PhD or MD/ PhD scientists for NIH-funded Post-doctoral position. The team is centrally located in the PTC building near the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
Our  research  focus  is  to  develop  physiologically  relevant  three-dimensional microenvironments  with  the  goal  to  elucidate  how  microenvironmental  factors  drive cellular behaviors in disease progression as well as in repair/regeneration. (See additional information here: Our research interests are driven by the desire to develop effective therapies to halt disease progression or harness normal repair/regeneration  by  instructing  the  patient’s  own  cells.  We  utilize  interdisciplinary biomaterial-,  molecular/cell  biology-  and  micro/nanotechnology-based  approaches  to achieve our research goals. Our work is currently supported by NIH R37 award along with internal grants at Pitt.


We  are  seeking  a  highly  motivated,  goal-oriented  and  hard-working  post-doctoral candidate to work on a NIH-funded project developing organoid models of breast cancer (  Candidate  should  have  PhD  in  Biomedical  Engineering,  Pharmacology,  Materials Science or a related subject. The successful applicant should have a strong background in molecular biology and working experience with flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and confocal imaging. The applicant must be able to develop innovative projects, design a hypothesis-driven  experiment,  develop  new  methods,  interpret  results independently, and maintain excellent documentation of the experiments performed and obtained results. The  successful  candidate  will  be  expected  to  provide  scientific  expertise  in  various research  projects  involving  tissue  and  cell  culture,  small  animal  models  and  human research while significantly contributing to the dissemination of research. The applicant should  have  strong  publication  record  and  grant  writing  skills.  S/he  should  have  good interpersonal skills and ability to work in an interdisciplinary team environment. S/he will be  expected  to  work  closely  with  the  scientists  having  different experience  levels (undergraduate, MS/PhD students, and technicians).
In  addition  to  the  competitive remuneration,  the  applicant  will  receive  supportive  and stimulating  environment  for  developing  new  research  directions,  and  participation  in career development activities conducted by the Office of Academic Career Development, University of Pittsburgh.

To Apply:

Applicants  must  submit  curriculum  vitae,  a  cover  letter  describing  their  career  and research  goals,  and  a list  of  three  professional  references  with  contact  information  via email  to  Dr.  Shilpa  Sant  at  and  with  the  subject  line  as “POSTDOCTORAL POSITION: CANCER”