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Immuno-Therapeutics Against the Malaria Parasite

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, Maryland

Position Description:

There is an opening for a postdoctoral researcher at the Structural Vaccinology Laboratory, Malaria Vaccine Branch to develop novel immuno-therapeutics against the malaria parasite. Research involves protein expression, purification, characterization, particulate characterization, monoclonal antibody development and protein engineering.


Candidate must be conversant with protein chemistry tools and have knowledge of protein structure as documented by peer reviewed publications. Candidate needs to be able to explore and plan experiments with minimal supervision. An ideal candidate would have received a Ph.D degree within the last 3 years. NRC fellow's research plan will be developed in close collaboration with the research advisor before submission to the NRC.

To Apply:

Contact Research Advisor: Dr. Sheetij Dutta, Laboratory of Structural Vaccinology, Malaria Vaccine Branch, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring MD 20910. USA.