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Inter-Compartmental Signaling in Cells

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

Position Description:

The NIH funded postdoctoral position available immediately for a recent PhD or MD/PhD graduate to identify cellular mechanisms that integrate lipid metabolism, copper homeostasis, and GTP synthesis in intestinal cells.  The studies include biochemical characterization of ANKRD9, a protein that is central for integration of these processes, analysis of ANKRD9-mediated signaling between distinct cellular compartments and evluating consequences of ANKRD9 inactivation. 

The position offers an opportunity to work in a dynamic research environment in the newly emerging research area. Job location: Department of Physiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.


A successful applicant would have strong background in cell biology and/or biochemistry, have experience with confocal microscopy, cell culture, molecular cloning, and desire to learn and utilize a broad spectrum of experimental methodologies. Familiarity with electron microscopy (negative stain or Cryo-EM) is a significant plus.

To Apply:

Please send your cover letter, CV, and the names of references to Dr. Svetlana Lutsenko at