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Mentoring Evaluation Tools

University of Georgia, Franklin College Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Athens (remote), Georgia

Position Description:

Seeking 1-year, remote-working postdoc to collaborate in selecting, deploying, and evaluating mentoring evaluation tools and processes to improve graduate mentoring in life sciences.

  • Collate, evaluate, and select tools for mentoring evaluation: This individual will be responsible for reviewing published survey tools for assessing mentoring relationship quality and function and evaluating their validity and reliability based on available empirical evidence and established criteria. Based on this evaluation and consultation with the supervisor and other stakeholders, this individual will be responsible for selecting the tool(s) to be pilot tested to assess graduate mentoring relationships in the life sciences here at UGA.
  • Pilot test mentoring evaluation tools and processes: This individual will be responsible for setting up the mentoring evaluation tools in a web-accessible system in collaboration with IT personnel as needed, along with a process for reporting evaluation results to stakeholders. The individual will also be responsible for phased pilot testing of the tools and reporting, including a beta test of functionality and usability and an expanded test of feasibility and utility. The individual will also conduct interviews with pilot testers to gather additional evidence of the validity and reliability of the tools and processes for making inferences about mentoring quality and function.
  • Develop and pilot test formative evaluation processes and interventions: This individual will collaborate with the supervisor and other stakeholders to develop and pilot test mentoring professional development and other interventions to support mentor-mentee learning and growth. The individual will collaborate in offering options for professional development and support based on results of mentoring evaluation, deployment of these options, and tracking their effectiveness.
  • Contribute to ongoing research in the group: Like all members of the research group where this individual will be employed, this individual will be responsible for participating in weekly research group discussions to benefit from advice of other group members and offer advice to improve their own work. This individual will also be responsible for mentoring undergraduate researchers if any are involved in the work they are conducting. This mentorship will be overseen by the supervisor to ensure quality.


Ph.D. in the social sciences, science education, the life sciences, or other relevant discipline is preferred. Relevant skills include success with scholarly writing and abilities to work independently and collaboratively.

To Apply:

For more information and to apply, please visit Submit an application (via the link above) and email CV and letter of interest to Erin Dolan at


This post will be available until December 11, 2020 or until filled.

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