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Blood Cell Biologist

The University of Maryland Baltimore, Center for Blood Oxygen Transport & Hemostasis, Baltimore, Maryland

Position Description:

The University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Medicine’s, interdisciplinary Center for Blood Oxygen Transport & Hemostasis includes a team of physicians, biochemists, and engineers and will help answer fundamental, challenging questions related to blood function in the setting of critical illness. These include determining how certain diseases and stress during trauma can influence red blood cell biology and oxygen delivery; discovering how red blood cells interact with the immune and hemostatic systems; finding ways to optimize blood product preparation and transfusion; developing state-of-the-art models and clinical trials to test engineered “bio-mimetic” blood components that optimize oxygen transport and hemostasis.

We are currently recruiting a postdoctoral fellow with expertise in blood biology and red cell function. The fellow will assist in research studies to advance knowledge in a training-based setting under the direction of Dr. Paul Buehler, a federally funded pharmacologist and toxicologist with specialization in hematotoxicology. This postdoctoral position will emphasize the assessment and impact of disease, toxins, transfusion, and pharmacological interventions on red blood cell (RBC) physiology/pathophysiology and the concomitant modulation of tissue oxygenation and homeostasis. The candidate should have experience with assessing RBC deformability, oxygen equilibrium, preparation for microscopy (light and EM), capability to assess RBC morphological changes consistent with disease states and the ability to execute general laboratory techniques (e.g., spectrophotometry, ELISAs, Western blotting). A knowledge and desire to expand expertise in techniques that evaluate tissue oxygenation and perfusion (e.g., MRI, EPR, PET, Phosphorescence Quenching, Laser Doppler Flowmetry) is critical to this position’s goals. The candidate will participate in several exciting translational research projects in the areas of RBC function, tissue oxygenation and hematotoxicology.


Recent graduate applicants with a PhD or applicants that are expected to graduate from a Bioengineering, Physiology, or related discipline PhD program. We expect applicants to have at least one or two first author RBC function or tissue oxygenation related published articles. The candidate will be expected to possess strong communication and independent writing skills.

To Apply: 

Interested applicants should send CV and contact information for three references to:

LaRhonda Jackson
Administrative Assistant