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Protein Biochemistry: Next Generation Blood Substitute

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Position Description:

We are looking for a qualified protein-biochemist who is interested in developing a next-generation blood substitute. Despite an urgent need and years of study, no suitable blood substitutes can be routinely used. Relying on donations is also troublesome as the blood can be contaminated with undiagnosed illnesses and is difficult to store. We are developing a blood substitute made from peptide amphiphiles, which binds heme B, the same cofactor found in hemoglobin. For this stage of the work, we will optimize the material by changing the peptide sequence to promote stronger oxygen binding and tuning the environmental responses to be more aligned with physiological conditions. These peptides are highly modifiable and can be designed so they do not stimulate the immune system and be more stable than standard blood for long term storage. This work will serve as pilot studies for developing a next generation blood substitute that will help all people suffering from hemorrhage inducing injuries. 
You will be joining a new lab group and can help shape the research direction in the future as well as take advantage of George Mason University’s location and amenities. The school is located a short distance from Washington DC and close to many other schools to foster collaborations and expand your network.  
You will be working at George Mason University, an R1 institution that is growing at a rapid pace. Located at the new Science and Technology campus you will have access to state of the art facilities and will have easy access to Washington DC, the nation's capital.  


  • Protein/biomaterial characterization 
    • CD, FTIR, etc. 
    • UV Vis spectroscopy 
  • Protein/biomaterial characterization 
    • HPLC 
    • MALDI 
  • Anaerobic technique 
    • Oxygen binding studies a plus 
  • Fast reaction kinetics and analysis  
  • Analytical methods 
    • Ability to do data analysis in Python or other coding language a big plus  
  • Synthetic chemistry experience 
  • Peptide synthesizer experience 
  • Stopped flow technique 
  • Mentorship experience 

To Apply:

If you are interested, please submit a CV highlighting your relevant research experience to Dr. Lee Solomon at